Destroyed bridges are under reconstructions in Mosul

Nineveh, Third Bridge reconstruction. Photo: KirkukNow

Kirkuk- Nineveh

Renovation of Al Huriyah bridge damaged by ISIS war is in its final stages and will be opened in March. Reconstruction of two other bridges will soon start.

In Mosul, five major bridges have been built on Tigris river to connect the west and east bank of the city. The city’s bridges were devastated by the ISIS fighters and international coalition’s strikes.

Nabil Yuzbaki, head of road and bridge department in Nineveh, said “the iron structure of Al Huriya bridge is about to finish, which is the hardest part of the renovation and building any such bridge.”

In December 2018, Ministry of Construction and Municipalities announced the renovation project of Al Huriyah bridge from the west and east side of Tigris river that separates the city. Ten billion Iraqi dinars is provided for the reconstruction of the brdige and it is supposed to be opened in March for transportation.

“Steps for the reconstruction of Third Bridge has progressed and the left side of it is rebuilt, now we are waiting for the right side of it.”

Yuzbaki mentioned that in the next two-week Muthana Second bridge will be opened, too, and the reconstruction process of Muthana First bridge continues.

Rebuilding of Fourth and Fifth bridge with the support of World Bank will begin in Mid-January.

According to Yuzbaki, 43 reconstruction projects are underway among which Mosul- Erbil road with a distance of 90 km is the important one and all the protects are supposed to be complete in 2020.

Nineveh, which is the largest Iraqi province with a 39 thousand km square and four million population, has 33 districts and subdistricts. Mosul was under ISIS control for three years and its liberation battle damaged much of its infrastructure.






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