Rakan Al-Jabouri ultimately agrees to implement a ministerial decree to appoint four new directors in Kirkuk

Kirkuk, acting governor's meeting with government directorates. Photo: Governor Media Office

Kirkuk Now- Kirkuk

On Monday, January 13, Rakan Al Jabouri, acting governor of Kirkuk, congratulated four directors for their appointments after suspending their ministerial decree for two weeks.

According to a statement issued by governor’s media office on Monday, at the beginning of his meeting with the government directorates, he congratulated the new directors of municipality, districts municipalities, sewage office and water directorate for their appointments. He insisted on team work and opposed political interventions.

The four directors were appointed on December 30, 2019 by Bangin Rekani, minister of housing and reconstruction of Iraqi government, however, until last week three of them had not taken office and the other one faced different barriers made by the governor.

A source familiar with the situation earlier told KirkukNow that Rakan Al-jabouri did not agree with the decree and thought that it was issued without his approval. It was the reason for his suspension of the decree.

Nevertheless, the decree Rekani issued states that “the decree he is issuing is not to take their permission but rather to be implemented and it is not negotiable.”



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