Khanaqin’s new commissioner takes office

.Dler Saya, on the left, succeeded Mohammed Mala Hassan,on the right

Hawre Azad- Diyala

  Dlir Saya, former administrative assistant to the governor of Diyala, took office as the new commissioner of Khanaqin district. 

On Thursday, Dler Saya said, “today I entered office as the new commissioner of Khanaqin and I replaced Mohamed Mala Hassan.”

Saya is a member o the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) and was the PUK’s nominee for the position. 

Mohammed Mala Hassan, former commissioner of Khanaqin, retired after holding office for 16 years.

Talib explained that the nominee has to be one of the subdistrict commissioners of Diyala, or a high position either in the ministry of interior or Diyala province office.

Kurds are majority in Khanaqin district located in northern Diyala. Arabs and Turkmen are also ethnic groups of the town.

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