American Sevi visits Iraq to meet her lover

Sevi with the children of Abdullah Ghanm Village and Nabil

Karwan Salehi- Kirkuk

Last week, Nabil Razaa, 29, a farmer from Abdullah Ghanam village in  Daquq district,located in west of Kirkuk province, received his lover, Sevi Anna, who is from Chicago.

They found each other on Facebook and have been in love for five years. Nabil ultimately met Sevi in person last week in Erbil where they later went to Nabil’s village.

Sevi, who is a nurse, posted a video while driving her lover’s car and listening to a Kurdish old singer, Ahmad Shamal.

Nabil told KirkukNow that, “we have been in a relationship for five years. I know English language well and we have been talking to each other. I invited her to visit me and she accepted.”

Sevi Anna lives with her grandfather in a village in Chicago and is a nurse in a hospital of the city. She landed in Erbil on January 15 and the day after went to Daquq with Nabil.

“She has come to meet my dad and mom and will stay for two weeks. Later, she will go back to the United States,” Nabil Said, “when I saw her in Erbil, she was very glad and learned that I love her and I am truthful.”

When I saw her in Erbil, she was very glad and learned that I love her and I am truthful

Nabil Ramazan graduated from college of administration but does farming in Abdullah Ghanm village.

Sevi’s grandfather did not allow her to visit Iraq at the beginning due to the regional conflicts but later he was convinced.

“We love each other and I want to marry her. Both of us agree on that, but we still chat,” Nabil added.

We love each other and I want to marry her

She stayed in Nabil’s village for four days and took pictures with the people and the children of the village. She is now in Erbil and will soon return to the US.

“We have promised to live together in Abdullah Ghanm, celebrate our wedding and make a family,” this is their final agreement they made in Erbil.

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