A man killed his wife and cut her into pieces in Tal Afar, Nineveh province

Nineveh, the criminal demonstrated how he committed the crime with the presence of police officer, 2019. Photo: KirkukNow

Jaafar Tal Afari- Nineveh

Anticrime Police Department in Tal Afar, Nineveh province, announced that they arrested a suspect who was accused of asphyxiating his wife, cutting her into pieces and burning her.

According to police, the suspect confessed that he committed the crime and re-enacted the crime in front of the investigative officer.

Officer Basl Muli, director of anticrime office, said, “the suspect has killed his wife by asphyxiating her. He later cut her legs and arms and burned them in a traditional Tandoor.”

The criminal has further confessed that, “after burning his wife and when her body turned into ashes, he put the remain into the toilet so that it will get lost forever.”

Police says the incident happened in Norui Qazay neighborhood in Tal Afar last November and after investigations, they werre able to find the suspect.

The incident has raised immense concerns among people of Tal Afar and they want the criminal to face a harsh punishment.

A friend of the criminal, who wanted to remain anonymous, stated that he was shocked when he heard the news because he was not a violent person before.

“It is correct that he had problems but not to the extent to kill his wife.”

Samah Kazim, a Tal Afar resident, asked for taking legal measures against the criminal.

“There had not been such scary crime in Tal Afar before and awareness should be spread on a larger scale, in the schools, in the mosques, and in the tribal meetings.”

Tal Afar, 70 km west of the city of Mosul, is predominantly Arabs and Shia Turkmen.

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