Four coronavirus cases confirmed in Kirkuk, all from a family


The Iraqi Ministry of Health confirmed four coronavirus cases in Kirkuk in a statement issued today, February 25. Kirkuk Health Directorate revealed that the family had been in the Iranian Qom province  for two weeks and came back to Iraq eight days ago.

The ministry’s statement states, “the family has been under checkups, and as a result, it was found out that they are infected by coronavirus.”

The family consists of five-member, and four of them have been infected by the virus.

“The family has been separated, and all medical measures have been taken,” the statement mentions.

Munzer Naaman, head of the infectious diseases section in Kirkuk Health Directorate, told KirkukNow that, “Yesterday they came to Hospital and have been put under medical checkup.”

“The ministry of health informed us that four of them carry coronavirus who are the mother, the father, and two of their children,” Naaman stated.

The family lives in Wahda neighborhood in Kirkuk.

Naaman explained that “a separate section has been opened at Kirkuk Hospital to coronavirus patients, and the family is under checkups there.”

He emphasized that “anyone that has relation with the family will be put under checkups.”

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