Kirkuk, five people infected by coronavirus to be quarantined in a particular hospital

Kirkuk, a team of civil defense directorate is spreading antiviral medications, February 2020 Photo: KirkukNow


Head of the health directorate in Kirkuk announced the record of the fifth coronavirus case. It revealed that today, Friday, the five people will be transported to a particular hospital allocated to quarantine them. Aa the same time, the police department has decided to close all the bird shops in the city.

The New Case Recorded Last Night

Karim Wali, head of the mentioned directorate, said, “the person is 51 years old and lives in the Taza subdistrict… he had visited Iran recently.”

The person was tested positive last night. It increased coronavirus cases in the city of Kirkuk to five and seven in Iraq.

“Two other persons have been tested, but the results of their tests are yet to come back from Baghdad,” he said.

A Parituclar Hospital to Quarantine Them

Wali states that the measures are taken against the outbreak of the virus, and a special team has been formed. Also, today, February 28, the preparation to open the hospital in the industrial area will be finished, and “the five persons will be quarantined there.”

He added that “the health conditions of the five people are very good and get better day after day.”

Qays Abdulrazaq, head of relations and media of civil defense directorate in Kirkuk,  said, “we are spreading antiviral medications in the house of those persons infected by the virus, according to a decision made by the Iraqi Ministry of Interior.”

Spreading the antiviral medications will also include the alley where the house of the infected was located and their neighbors’ houses, too.

The first four people infected by the virus lives Wahda Neighborhood, where least basic services are delivered.

Kirkuk local administration and its health directorate advise people not to go to crowded places. The administration closed cafes, tea shops, and stopped funeral and other big meetings. 

Closing the Crowded Bird Shops in the City

The police department in the city today decided to close the bird Bazaar, which is a very crowded Bazaar on Fridays. The closure is another precautionary measure against the spread of the virus.

“police forces today will close the Bazaar which is located next to the Kirkuk castle,” a source within Kirkuk police department told KirkukNow.

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