Kirkuk: 1905 cases of violence against women recorded in 2019

Kirkuk, women are gathering in Kirkuk on the International Women’s Day, March 8, 2020. Photo: Soran Mohammed

Soran Mohammed- Kirkuk

The Iraqi Hope Group for Human Rights revealed that 1905 women in Kirkuk had faced physical, sexual, and psychological harassment. Showing the number on the International Women’s Day was to present numerous requests to improve women’s situation .

Numerous women and human rights organizations arranged a gathering at the Kirkuk Cultural Center on March 8, 2020, and issued a joint statement that included several requests.

Hana Shkur, a woman activist, read the statement and said, “this year’s women day is a time when our country is in an inappropriate situation for changes and reforms including social justice, equality, and a life with dignity…. The Iraqi October uprising was a disagreement voice to confront the political parties that have participated in the  government and continuously filled the country with political parties shares and corruption, which are the reasons for not achieving the rights and individual freedom.”

The women also showed that they have shouldered a difficult responsibility, which is taking roles in the Iraqi protests.

They presented numerous requests including employing qualified women, opening particular courses for women such as police officer and detective police courses as well as providing shelters for women escaped from violence.

At the same time, they asked for plans to confront the cause of women’s suicides and improving their financial situation by providing them loans.

These requests are due to the warning situation that women are going through in Kirkuk because there are constant acts of violence against them, and the data is “dangerous.”

Srood Ahmad, head of Iraqi Hope Group for Human Rights’ office in Kirkuk, said, “1905 cases of violence against women were recorded in 2019.”

She added, “1905 women in Kirkuk have faced physical, sexual, and psychological harassment… and for your information, Kirkuk ranked the first province in Iraqi for women suicide and women suicide attempts.” 


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