Six out of seven coronavirus patients recovered in Kirkuk

Kirkuk, moving people recently visited Iran to a hospital to put them under quarantine , 2020. Photo: Health media office


Health director in Kirkuk announced that two more coronavirus patients have fully recovered and have left hospital.

Karim Wali exclusively spoke to KirkukNow and said, “last night, at 10 p.m. two coronavirus patients left hospital after they fully recovered from the virus.”

The two persons’ blood tests were conducted at the central laboratory in Baghdad and they tested negative.

This increased the number of people who recovered from the virus in Kirkuk from four to six people out of seven.

Wali revealed that, “now, at the coronavirus hospital in industrial area, only one coronavirus patient is still quarantined. He is also receiving treatments and his health condition is very good.”

In late February, the first four coronavirus cases were confirmed in Kirkuk. The four persons were members of a family and later three more persons tested positive.

Nevertheless, still numerous people are quarantined with the suspicion of being infected by the virus in Kirkuk.

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