Kirkuk: preachers held secret congregational prayer, breaching coronavirus lockdown

Kirkuk, Civil Defense team is disinfecting a mosque, March 2020. Photo: Local Administration Media


Seven preachers are punished, based on a decision of Sunni Wakf Council, after holding secret congregational prayer, which is prohibited to slow down the spread of coronavirus.

In numerous mosques in Kirkuk, people with the help of several preachers held secret congregational prayer, while all regliosus gatherings are banned amid the outbreak of coronavirus.

Ahmad Mudaris, a head of Wakf Council, said that as a punishment the preachers were required to  a record that they are not going to breach coronavirus instructions and will not hold Friday prayer.

Mosques, Temples, and Churches are closed to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

Mudaris said that they have observed the closure of the mosques, but “today, due to the coronavirus lockdown, we could not monitor the mosques and some pictures were published, showing that people are entering a mosque from a back door, which is a breach to the instructions.”

Head of Sunni Wakf Council stated that they are going to investigate into the pictures and the Friday prayer.

Kirkuk province has been on lockdown since 6 p.m. March 17 and it will continue until March 23, according to a decision made by the High Committee to Combat Coronavirus.

Mudaris reaffirmed that if any preacher again breaches the decisions, he will face legal punishments.

In Kirkuk, seven cases of coronavirus have been confirmed, among which six patients have recovered.

In Iraq, 208 cases have been confirmed, as of now, and 17 have dies, as a result.

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