employee rapes child in government office

Kirkuk, a policeman in the Bazaar, 2019. Photo: Police Department Media


Kirkuk Security forces arrested an employee who has raped a child in a government office, after fleeing Sulaiman Bek sub-district, Salahuddin province.

The suspect is an employee at the electricity office in Sulaiman Bek. After rapping an eight-year-old girl, he fled to Kirkuk to hide himself from the security forces who later arrested him on Friday 19 March.

Talib Mohammed, commissioner of Sulaiman Bek, said, “after filling a lawsuit by the family of the child, the suspect was  arrested in Kirkuk.”

Mohammed explained that the suspect had a prior relation with the family and helped them because “the family’s financial status was bad. Later, he deceived the child and took her to the office where he raped her and threatened her no to talk about it to anyone.”

However, the child revealed everything he did to her.

“The child is traumatized and spoke of everything to her parents. Her parents took her for medical examination that showed she was raped.”

The commissioner further added that the suspect, after arresting, has confessed and has been dedtained.

KirkukNow called the parents of the child and they declined to talk about the incident except for reaffirming that they filled a lawsuit.

The suspect is 45 years old and is an employee at the Sulaiman Bek electricity office. He is married and his wife is a teacher who lives in Kirkuk.

Fazl Mamli, head of electricity office in Sulaiman Bek, said, “the suspect is an employee at my office and in the recent days, he raped the child. We later learned about the incident and the family of the child has filed a lawsuit.”

This is the first recorded sexual assault in Sulaiman Bek since the start of this year, 2020, according to police department of the subdistrict.

Mahdi Hassan, director of Sulaiman Bek police department, stated, “we sent that victim girl to hospital and the test showed she was raped. Now the suspect is imprisoned until he is tried.”

The penalty for rapping a child or those who are below the age of 18, based on Iraqi Penal Code, ranges from temporary imprisonment  to life imprisonment and if the criminal is an employee of the state, then penalty will be harsher.

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