Head of Human Rights Committee asks property owners in Kirkuk to forgive March's rent amid coronavirus

Kirkuk, joint meeting of Governor, Arshad Salehi, and Crisis Cells to Combat Coronavirus, March 22, 2020. Photo: Karwan Salehi.


Arshah Salehi, head of the Human Rights Committee in the Council of Representatives, calls upon the landlord not  to charge their tenants, especially those people who are facing financial difficulties.

Salehi requested the landlords to forgive the tenants for the rent of this month in a press conference held on March 22 at the provincial council where he, Acting Governor, Rakan Al-Jabouri, and the Crisis Cells to Combat Coronavirus met.

He said, “the central government should have taken some steps and made the decision to forgive the tenants forthe rent of this month.”

He also asked the property owners to forgive tenants for rent of March.

Crisis Cells to Combat Coronavirus have made numerous decision to prevent the spread on coronavirus, including the curfew, closing the shops, malls, and several local Bazaars.

Governor Al Jabouri reaffirmed on the lockdown and asked for collecting donations for the poor through the mosques.


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