Employees of Khor Mor Gas field are on lockdown amid suspicion of spread of coronavirus

Chamchamal, Sulaimaniyah, Khor Mor Gas Field. Photo: Oilandgasmiddleeast


 All the staff members of Khor Mor gas field in Chamchamal district, Sulaimaniyah province, are on lockdown and are not allowed to leave the gas field for 14 days. The employees’ coronavirus tests were all negative, but, still, there are doubts.

The lockdown resulted from the arrival of three employees of Dana Gas and Crescent Petroleum company to the fields after landing in Sulaimainyah in a Qatar Airway plane. One person who was on board was infected with coronavirus.

A source from the Committee to Combat Coroavirus in Chamchamal said, “there were suspension that one of those three employees was infected with coronavirus. A healthcare team visited the fields and tested the three persons. They tested negative but still they are separately quarantined.”

He reaffirmed that, “sometimes, the test does not show if he is infected with the virus especially when he has just been infected.”

The Committee to Combar Coroavirus in Chamchamal and Sulaimaniyah have decided to put the entire 280 staff members under quarantine for 14 days.

Earlier last week, the committee issued a statement in which “it said that one of the travelers who was on board in that plane was infected with the virus and announced everyone who was on that plan have been quarantined, as a result.”

Dana Gas and Crescent Petroleum explore and produce natural gas in the region and supply it to a nearby power plant.

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