Crescent Petroleum and Dana Gas: none of our staff members are infected with coronavirus

Chamchamal, Sulaimaniyah, Khor Mor Gas plant. Photo: Khor Mor Media


In a statement sent to KirkukNow, Crescent Petroleum and Dana Gas announce  that none of their staff members have tested positive neither at the Khor Mor plant in Chamchamal, Sulaimaniyah, nor at their entire offices in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq (KRI). The company reaffirmed that their three employees tested negative and have completed their 14 days in quarantine.

Testing the three employees came after landing in Sulaimaniyah airport in a Qatar Airways plane, one of whose passengers was infected with the virus. The Ministry of Interior and Health called them and conducted coronavirus tests for them, they tested negative, according to the statement.

“The men have been tested and have been in isolation in a secure location inside the secured zone of the plant since that time,” the statement says.

The Crescent Petroleum and Dana Gas insists that the health and the wellbeing of their employee is “paramount importance.”

The company also indicates that it has reduced its group activities and “strict disinfection have been taken.”

The company makes sure that medicines are available and “workers who have any sickness are taken to a special isolation area.”

Yesterday, March 24, a source from the Committee to Combat Coronavirus in Chamchamal confirmed to KirkukNow that, “there were suspension that one of those three employees was infected with coronavirus. A healthcare team visited the fields and tested the three persons. They tested negative.”


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