Iraqi Forces launch operation to root out IS remnants

Tuz Khurmatu, Iraqi Security Force operation with the help of Peshmerga against Daesh remnants. Photo: Exclusive to KirkukNow


Iraqi Security Forces with the help of the Kurdish Peshmerga force launched an operation to eradicate Islamic State group (IS) remnants, in Tuz Khhurmatu, Salahuddin province.

The operation started at 6 a.m. and ended at 2 p.m. yesterday, Monday 30, aiming at finding and destroying IS remnants and their sleep cells.

Tariq Ghazali, general commander of Immediate Response Brigade, said, “IS had activities in some areas, ranging from Tuz Khurmatu heights to Palkana Oil Fields. That is why this operation at this time was necessary.”

“In the operation, nearly 40 IS remnant cells that contained bombs, rockets, motorcycle, bed and food, were bombarded,” Ghazali said.

A source who took part in the operation reaffirmed that the Peshmerga force supported the operation he added that, “ISF force participated from two sides and the operation at the other two sides were led by Immediate Response Brigade and Iraqi Popular Mobilization Forces (PMF).”

Concerning the role of the Peshmerga, the source said, “they participated from the Sulaimaniyah province side, capturing IS members who tried to hide or escape.”

In the operation, Iraqi Air Force also participated.


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