Kirkuk: people 'cannot' stay home and visit Khasa River

Kirkuk, people visit Khasa River, March 2020. Photo: Soran Mohamemd. 

Soran Mohammed- Kirkuk

Not everyone can always stay home, however, because of the fear of coronavirus, they only visit parks close to their houses or the Khasa River.

Khasa river located in the city center of Kirkuk is now a place where people spend some of their time. The river does not have much water but instead lots of garbage, which may spread diseases. 

The coronavirus lockdown has altered many people sleeping schedules. People stay up late and wake up late morning or early afternoon and after their afternoon pray, those who live near Khasa visit the river.

The medical instructions have shown that the virus greatly likes people’s close interactions, which people should avoid. The the best way to combat the virus is by staying at home.

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Kirkuk, people visit Khasa River, March 2020. Photo: Soran Mohamemd

“I have stayed at home for 10 days. I am about to get mental illness. I could not wait anymore. I came out,” said Saman.

Saman was at the river and told KirkukNow reporter, “we have lost our job, the television and the social media is all about the corona, that is why I come out with my friends to express our distress.”

Khasa River, which flows 30 km through the center of Kirkuk, separates the city into two sides. A tourist resort was supposed to be built on the river, but it is yet to be built.

Garmyan says that his personality does not let him stay home for a long while and he cannot go further because the security forces will arrest him, so Khasa has become the place of his visit.

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Kirkuk, People visit Khasa river which is against the medical instructions, March 2020. Photo: Soran Mohammed 

Kirkuk local administration has extended the curfew until April 11 to minimize the spread of the virus and anyone who breached the curfew will face legal consequences.

“Throughout my life, I have not been able to stay home even for three days. Now it has been ten days since we are at home. I came to Khasa to remove the walls of my house from my eyes,” Chya Aziz expressed his feeling.

He hopes that he will be allowed to visit places close to his house and neighborhood. 

In Kirkuk, 12 people have been infected with the virus. Six of them recovered and one died. 

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