Kirkuk: Two bomb explosions kill three and wound another three

Kirkuk, security forces checkpoint in the city center to impose the curfew,March 2020. Photo: Karwan Salehi

KirkukNow- Kirkuk

Three members of the security forces were killed, and another three were wounded in two car bombs, according to more than source spoke to KirkukNow.

The latest explosion took place this afternoon, Friday, April 3, in Ghazra neighborhood in Kirkuk, where a bomb glued to a car exploded.

Officer Mazin Gharib, commander of emergency police forces, told KirkukNow, “because of the explosion of a bomb glued to a car, the driver was severely wounded and has been hospitalized.”

Hussein Juamm was the driver of the car, who is 41 years old and the guardian of a park behind the Sarmadi mosque in Ghazra neighborhood.


Kirkuk, the aftermath of the bomb explosion, April 3, 2020. Photo: KirkukNow 

Also, earlier today at 9:30 a.m., a road bomb blew up to the vehicles of the 14th unit of the Iraqi Security Forces (ISF) in Dibis district, 35 km west of Kirkuk.

Karim Azizi, spokesperson of Imamin Hashd in Dibis, stated, “the road bomb exploded to a car carrying numerous officers and soldiers between Halwat and Qaraji villages in Sargaran sub-district in Dibis.”

Three soldiers were killed, and another three were wounded who were transported to Azadi hospital in Kirkuk.

The two bomb explosion happened at a time when Kirkuk province has been on lockdown, reducing people’s movements significantly.

The special 61 unit belonging prime minister, as well as police forces, are in charge of the security apparatus of the city of Kirkuk. The other areas of the province are secured by ISF, Popular Mobilization Forces, and Iraqi Federal Police, which are all under the chain of command of the Joint Operation Room. 

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