UNHCR provides IDP and Refugee families with 200 dollars

Duhok, Sharya IDP camp, 2019. Photo: Ammar Aziz

Ammar Aziz- Duhok

 Each Internally Displaced Person (IDP) and Refugee family living in the Kurdistan Region’s camps will be given 200 dollars by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugee (UNHCR) to buy their necessities as they have stayed at their tents due to coronavirus lockdown.

Refugees and IDPs in the Kurdistan Region have more than a month remained in their tents and camps as a curfew has been enforced to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

KirkukNow earlier reported that they lacked food and other supplies, and subsequently, they received cash and food supplies.

Rawaj Haji, the spokesperson of the Barzani Charity Foundation (BCF), said, “because of the situation we have gone through due to coronavirus, UNHCR in cooperation with our foundations provides each IDP and Refugee family with 200 dollars.”

“We have started the provision of the money in Basarma and Qwshtapa refugee camps, we will continue until every family receives the financial aid.”

In the Kurdistan Region, there are more than a million IDPs and Refugees, according to statistics published by the Joint Crisis Coordination Centre (JCC) of the Ministry of Interior, Kurdistan Regional Government.

Ismail Mohammed, the Duhok governor assistant to IDPs and Refugees Affairs, said, “the financial aid the UNHCR allocated to each family is 200 dollars. “the refugees will receive it first, and later it will be given to the IDPs.”

The Iraqi Ministry of Displacement and Migration in recent days started distributing food packages and other supplies in the IDP camps, especially those located in the Nineveh and Duhok provinces, according to their statement.

The IDP and Refugees faced a lack of food, medical and other supplies, while they have remained in their tenets and have no longer been able to work due to the curfew.

According to the latest data of the Ministry of Migration and Displacement of the Iraqi government, among 184 camps that were established due to the emergence of ISIS, 86 camps still host IDPs.

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