Ezidi woman takes her life and says 'do not mourn for me'

Photo: Melanie Wasser

Karwan Baadri

A 24-year-old Ezidi woman hung herself due to marital problems with her husband, her brother said.

The incident took place at 3 a.m. on March 19 in Sinjar district, Nineveh. Salwa Salo Mcho is the woman, who left a daughter after her death.

Azizi Slo, her brother, told KirkukNow that, “the incident took place due to martial problems, my sister had issues with her husband, left him for a while and later reunited with him. But their problems remained and subsequently she hung and killed herself.”

She sent a forgetfulness letter to her unmarried sister an hour before taking her life, her brother revealed.

KirkukNow has obtained a picture of the letter Salwa sent to her sister, in which she said, “burry me next to my grandmother in Skini, do not mourn for me.”

Skini is the name of the graveyard, where her grandfather was buried.

Salwa was from Siba Shekh Khdir village in south Sinjar, but had been living in Snoni sub-district for a while.

The police forces in Sinajr did not comment on the incident and claimed they were waiting of the autopsy of Salwa’s body.

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