Security changes happen in Daquq

Kirkuk, a checkpoint of the security forces in Daquq, 2019. Photo: KirkukNow

KirkukNow- Kirkuk

The security forces remove two checkpoints in the outskirts of Daquq district and intensify their observations inside the district, that is a part some security changes to protect civilians.

In recent days, two security checkpoints in north and south of Daquq were removed as ‘they did not have major roles in the internal security of the district.'

A source, who is familiar with the changes, told KirkukNow that, “the two checkpoints were not major checkpoints, that had been established for several years, and their removal would not affect the security of the district.”

The two checkpoints were on the road between Daquq and Kirkuk

“There is another checkpoint on the same road, and no security vacuum would be created but rather it would intensify the security observations and the checkpoints located inside the town would control any incident,” the source added.

The changes came after the concerns of the people of Daquq, especially the Kaka’i villagers, who have suffered from the insurgent attacks, that have posed threats to their lives.

Another security source, who preferred to remain anonymous, said that, “the checkpoint inside the city would intensify the security patrols… we fully assure people that we will protect them and there are no threats.”

The source claimed that the removal of the two checkpoints would not affect the security situation it the district.

Earlier in June, Brigade 45th was stationed in the Kaka’i villages and the federal police forces were put in charge of the security apparatus of the center the district.

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