One civilian and two militants killed during clashes west of Kirkuk City

Kirkuk, 12 August 2020 – members of security forces dismantling a bomb planted in a rickshaw motorcycle – Photo from security force’s media department


Security forces in Kirkuk clashed with and killed two militants who were trying to plant an IED. Two civilians (brothers) assisted the security forces in the clashes, one of them was killed and the other was injured.

The incident took place late last night at Belawa village west of Kirkuk City.

A source from 61st Brigade of Special Forces told KirkukNow: “With assistance from the residents of the Belawa village, we confronted two terrorists and managed to kill them both,” and added “we have also dismantled a bomb planted in rickshaw motorcycle along with a suicide belt.”

Karim Azzi, spokesman for the Imameen Force that belongs to PMU’s 16th Brigade, said: “The two individuals were planning a terrorist attack. One of them is named Hani Rahman Hamad, but the name of the other is not known.”

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