COVID-19 outbreak in third IDP camp in Duhok: Kabartu 1

Duhok, 2019 – Kabartu IPD camp – Photo by KirkukNow


The Ministry of Immigration and Displacement has announced that 13 cases of COVID-19 infection have been registered in Kabartu 1 camp in Dohuk Province.

Iskandar Muhammad Amin, head of the Ministry’s office in Duhok, said that the patients were hospitalized, and that the people who had contact with them are now being monitored.

Amin added: "Under instructions from the Minister of Immigration and Displacement, Ivan Fa’iq Jabro, immediate measures have been taken to prevent entry and exit to and from the camp to limit the spread of the virus.”

The Kabartu camp was built in 2014, currently hosting about 6000 IDPs from Shingal district.

On August 13, the Kurdistan Regional Government began work to restore the road leading to the Kabartu camp, which will reduce the time it takes for the camp’s residents to reach the highway leading to Dohuk from 30 minutes to 10 minutes.

On 5 August the Cham-Mishko camp was put under lockdown after one resident tested positive of the COVID-19 virus. And on 10 August, the Bajid Kandala camp was also put under lockdown after three residents tested positive.

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