Woman self-immolates in front of government office in Mosul and dies

Nineveh, 18 August 2018 – the location where the woman set herself on fire

Ahmad al-Zaydi - Nineveh

On Tuesday 18 August, a woman died after setting fire to herself in front of the Nineveh provincial office building in the city of Mosul.

According to a source who spoke to KirkukNow, the woman did that in protest after the provincial office refused to grant her audience. The woman wanted to see officials to complain about her financial difficulties and to request assistance.

The Nineveh Police Command issued a statement that reads: "Regarding the woman who set herself on fire in front of the back door of the Nineveh provincial office, we would like to inform you that under the direct supervision of Nineveh Police Chief, Brigadier General Laith al-Hamdani, a criminal investigation has been opened.

It has been found that the victim suffers from psychological problems, and has previously made three failed suicide attempts. This was the fourth attempt."


Nineveh, 18 August 2020 – a burnt shoe belonging to the woman who committed suicide by self-immolation

The statement says that the woman had previously thrown herself from one of Mosul’s bridges and was rescued in the river by the police. And that according to witnesses she had recently tried to hang herself and was rescued by her family, and a while after that she had swallowed pills, drugs and toxins and had to be taken to a hospital to save her life.

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