Police arrest man in Mosul for blackmailing woman with private pictures

blurred picture of the suspect made public by Nineveh Police


Nineveh Police arrest a man accused of extorting a woman in Mosul. The suspects blackmailed the victim with threats of making public of her private pictures.

In statement the Nineveh Police said that they arrested the suspect by a court order after the victim filed a complaint against him, who blackmailed her through a fake account on Facebook.

The statements add that the blackmail went on for four years. The suspect threatened the victim with making her private pictures public, and extorting her for about 40 million Dinars (about $34,000) in total.

The police published a picture of the suspect holding a placard with his personal information, but the picture was partially blurred and only his date of birth year (1995) is visible.

This is the second case of women being blackmailed in this matter within 30 days. On 31 August 31, Nineveh Police arrested another suspect who also blackmailed a woman with making her private photos and videos public.

Women rights activist Zikra Sarsam told KirkukNow that there is an increase in such cases and that sometimes they lead to the killing of women.

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