PUK grants Abdulla Rif’at third-highest position within the party

Raf’at Abdulla (on the left) with Aso Mamand – Photo from personal FB page of Rif’at Abdulla

Hardi Abdulla

Raf’at Abdulla has been appointed as rapporteur of the politburo of the PUK (Patriotic Union of Kurdistan). The position is the third-highest in the PUK.

Abdulla is a resident of Kirkuk, he nominated himself for the Kirkuk constituency at the fourth convention of the PUK.

A source from PUK’s politiebureau told KirkukNow: “The politibureau has decided to appoint Raf’at Abdulla. The PUK had a position of head of the management committee, but the name has been changed to rapporteur.”

The source didn’t reveal more details about how much power the position grants whoever holds it, but only said that it’s the third-highest position within the PUK.

At the PUK convention, all eyes were on Kirkuk because there were 124 candidates from Kirkuk, and it was expected they would get appointed in bigger numbers than they were.

Abdulla was one of the candidates at the convention. But the eldest son of late Jalal Talabani, Bafil, and his nephew, Lahur Jangi, were appointed co-chairs.

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