Head of Kirkuk’s Health Department and his deputy contract COVID-19

Newly appointed head of Kirkuk’s Health Department Nabil Hamdi Bushnaq (left) and his deputy Ziyad Khalaf (right)

KirkukNow - Kirkuk

Nabil Hamdi Bushnaq, head of Kirkuk’s Health Department has announced today that he and his deputy, Ziyad Khalaf, have both contracted the Coronavirus a few days ago. But both of them have been going to work and isolating themselves in their offices.

Bushnaq and his deputy were tested for the COVID-19 last week and both of them have contracted the virus.

Bushnaq told KirkukNow: “Thursday, 1 October, my health deteriorated and I was taken to hospital. After being tested, it turned out that I have contracted the Coronavirus, and now I receive treatment.”

Bushnaq says that his deputy, Ziyad Khalaf, had contracted the virus before him.

But both Busnhaq and Khalaf have been going to work as usual, and sometimes meet with employees or citizens.

Bushnaq said: “I keep going to work. I isolate myself in my office and don’t meet with people.”

Bushnaq was appointed as head of the Health Department last week, replacing his Khalaf who had been temporarily appointed at the position for several months.

The Turmken in Kirkuk were complaining about the appointment, because the position belonged to their political parties according to the political “shares” system. Bushnaq belongs to the Turkmen community.

Bushnaq requested people not to visit him for congratulations for his appointment due to his infection.

The Health Ministry instructs that anyone carrying the COVID-19 virus must be quarantined for at least two weeks.

Up to date, 13,755 individuals in Kirkuk have contracted the COVID-19 virus, 533 of them have died.

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