Police arrest three suspects in Ezidi philanthropist murder case

Nineveh, 2020 – Ezidi survivors visiting the grave of Bashir Kuria – photo: Khalid Ta’lo

Ammar Aziz - Nineveh

Three suspects in the case of murder of an Ezidi philanthropist Bashir Kuria were arrested in Nineveh and Baghdad. The authorities are still looking for a fourth suspect.

Bashir Kuria was killed near Béban village on 4 October while he was returning from the funeral ceremony of the Ezidi spiritual leader Baba Shékh Khurto haji-Ismael in Shékhan.

Captain Shivan Mhamad, an investigation officer at Alqosh district Police, told KirkukNow: "Three suspects have been arrested so far, but the investigation is still ongoing."

Captain Shivan added that they will reveal details of the case for the public once the investigation is concluded.

Bashir was known for his charity work and helping the poor. He initiated a project (named Jiveen) to provide shelter for orphans.

Rif’at Simo, a deputy of Nineveh governor, told KirkukNow: "A few days ago, one of those accused of killing Bashir Kuria was arrested in Bashiqa subdistrict in Nineveh. Two other suspects were later arrested in Baghdad.”

their dispute was about money, not social issues

The fourth suspect is still at large.

Simo says that the suspects are all close relatives of Kuria, and said that “the dispute between them is very old, and during the past year the two sides reconciled through tribal mediation with the presence of the Mir of the Ezidis and the notables of the region."

According to Simo, their dispute was about money, not social issues.

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