Gunmen kill and burn three young villagers in Kirkuk

pictures of the three men from Shawgér village


The bodies of the three young men, who were killed in Shwan subdistrict, were buried today after they were sent for autopsy.

Last night (17 October 2020), three young men, two brothers and their cousin, from the Shawgér village were shot dead.

Shawgér village is located north of Kirkuk City, in the subdistrict of Shwan in Kirkuk’s centre district.

A number of the residents of the village told KirkukNow that the three men went looking for some missing sheep, and that after they were shot, their vehicle was set on fire while they were in it.

Last night at 20:00, security forces went to the location of the bodies and sent them for autopsy.

The three men were the brothers Aram and Haréz Mustafa Muhammad, and their cousin Péshawa Abdulrahman Muhammad.

A number of their relatives stressed to KirkukNow that the men had no conflict with any one, that their murder seems to be a terrorist act, but that they will be waiting for investigation results by police and security forces.

KirkukNow tried to obtain information from the security agencies in the area, but they were willing to talk to the press.

The area is relatively stable in terms of security, and this is the first incident of that kind in two decades.

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