Father, two sons killed in IED explosion: Makhmur district

Nineveh, 2020 – dismantled IEDs by the Iraqi Army teams – photo: Defense Ministry

Soran Mohammad

A man and his two sons were killed, and another was wounded in an IED explosion in Erbil’s Makhmur district.

The IED explosion took place near the village Kharbana, Qaraj (aka Baqirt) subdistrict, today (20 October 2020).

Rizgar Ismael, the mayor of Makhmur district, told KirkukNow: “And IED exploded near causing the death of three persons and the wounding of another.”

The killed man and his two sons were farmers and were on their way to work their fields.

And the injured man was a labourer who was traveling in the same car, according to the mayor.

All the victims are residents of Makhmur town, the centre of the district.

The mayor added that a team from the 5th Division of the Iraqi Army has been sent to the location to investigate.

Parts of the Makhmur district had been overtaken by ISIS in 2014, which were later cleared in 2017. There are still sporadic attacks by gunmen suspected to be ISIS militants.

Makhmur is part of the disputed areas and was administered by the Kurdistan Regional Government from 2003 to 16 October 2017, when Federal Government Forces expelled Peshmerga from the disputed areas.

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