High-profile Ezidi figure resigns in protest

Shérzad Farouq, one of the deputies of the Mir of the Ezidis with Iraq’s President Barham Salih

Ammar Aziz - Duhok

Shérzad Farouq, one of the deputies of Mir (prince) of the Ezidis, has announced his resignation.

In the resignation letter which KirkukNow has obtained a copy of, Shérzad Farooq says: “After the death of the Mir of the Ezidis, many disagreements arose until four deputies of the Mir were appointed. While the Ezidis were not satisfied with the way the four deputies were appointed. And on top of that, the deputies were meddling in some of the affairs of the Ezidis without providing them with any assistance.”

“The Ezidis are in need of the minimum assistance, but nothing has been done for them. That’s why I have announced my resignation,” the letter continues.

In a religious ceremony on 27 August 2019 at the Lalish Temple in Shékhan district of Nineveh, Hazim Tahseen was announced as the Mir of the Ezidis in Iraq and the rest of the world.

Shékhan, 2019 – The Red Wednesday religious ceremony at Lalish Temple – photo: Ammar Aziz

Another of Tahseen’s deputies, Harman Mirza, told KirkukNow: “Shérzad Farouq-beg, the deputy of Mir of the Ezidis for tribal affairs has announced his resignation, but we do not agree at all and will not accept it, because we tremendously need Shérzad Farouq as a notable.”

“Shérzad has been working tirelessly; he was working day and night for the sake of the people and resolving the social disputes,” Mirza added, “except for fatigue, there is no other reason for his resignation.”

The Mir of the Ezidis is internationally considered the representative of the community.

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