Iraqi Parliament reaches consensus on Kirkuk’s electoral constituencies

Kirkuk, March 2018 – a polling station during parliamentary elections – photo: KirkukNow

KirkukNow - Kirkuk

Members of the Iraqi Parliament reached consensus on the electoral constituencies of Kirkuk in the early hours of this morning. It has been determined that the 12 parliamentary seats for the province will be divided among three constituencies.

The Parliament held a session last night which lasted until 2:00 AM this morning due to disagreements between the different blocs.

According to a statement from the Parliament, the issue of the electoral constituencies of Kirkuk was resolved with the presence of 168 MPs in the session.

The Kirkuk province has been divided into three electoral constituencies. Each constituency has a quota of one seat designated for a female MP.

Resolving the issue comes after several sessions held in parliament recently. Reaching a resolution was not easy as there were disagreements on the delimitation of the constituencies and the distribution of the number of parliamentary seats among them.

The province will be divided into three constituencies: East Centre District, Middle Centre District, and Hawija plus Riadh.

signed formula for delimitation of Kirkuk’s electoral constituencies
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