Together, we defeat COVID-19

Garmiyan region, August 2020 – a team from Wadi hanging posters of preventive instruction against the spread of the COVID-19 – photo: Wadi


Aid organization WADI, in cooperation with its partners including KirkukNow, has launched an awareness campaign about the COVID-19 pandemic, aiming to encourage people in following health instructions.


Below is the full statement on the campaing by WADI: 

Be serious and stand up to CORONA

Wadi has launched a campaign in cooperation with wadi partners, ADWI, KirkukNow, NWE, WOLA and Jinda since the early months of the pandemic.

The vision has been working on involving the concerned partners, groups and citizens in combating COVID-19 through taking the responsibility regardless to the official Departments.

The mission has been controlling the pandemic in the IKR, Iraqi Kurdistan Region so that the rates of infections and deaths are reduced by following the local and the international Health Authorities; the MOH and WHO in raising awareness among the people.

We believe the pandemic can be controlled and life may be normalized again if everyone felt responsible in wearing masks, maintaining social distances, avoiding crowds, frequently washing hands… etc.

You are called to be in this campaign everybody from their side and according to their abilities.

Together we defeat COVID-19

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