Gunmen release two abductees for a $40,000 ransom

Kirkuk, 30 November 2020 – Dilan Mofaq in his parent’s house after being released – photo: KirkukNow

KirkukNow - Kirkuk

After about nearly nine months, two kidnapped young men get released in return for a ransom of $40,000 and return to their families.

On the night of 29 November 2020, Dilan Mofaq (23) and Issa Ismael (21) were freed from the hands of unknown gunmen and a day later were back among their families.

Mustafa Safar, an uncle of Dilan Mofaq, expressed his happiness with the survival of his nephew and told KirkukNow: "He is not in good conditions; he is exhausted, and says he was kept in a hole during the time he was kidnapped."

Dilan comes from Yangija village in Daquq district, Kirkuk. He was too exhausted to talk to KirkukNow.

Mustafa added that, during their captivity, the hands and feet of the two men were chained in, and most of the time they were blindfolded, except when they were fed.

The gunmen had kept their faces covered. None of them have been so far arrested.

The two men were abducted on 25 March 2020 near the Chawraga village in Daquq when they were working as guards for electricity towers.

Several sources have confirmed to KirkukNow that $20,000 have been paid for the release of each man.

Issa’s health was worse than Dilan’s and was taken to a hospital.

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