Kirkuk’s oil export revenue in November reach $115 million

Kirkuk, 2014 – oil facilities of the North Oil Company – photo: KirkukNow

Export from Kirkuk’s oil fields has reached more than 819,000 barrels in the month of November, bringing a revenue of $115 million.

According to numbers from the Iraqi Ministry of Oil, the total export of Iraqi oil in November reached more than 81,262,000 barrels, raising a revenue of $3,394,988,000.

In a statement, the ministry announced that 2,819,169 barrels of oil from Kirkuk's fields was exported through Ceyhan Port in Turkey.

In addition, an amount of 252,763 barrels of oil from Kirkuk’s fields were exported to Jordan by tankers.

The average price of crude oil in November was $41.778 per barrel.

In October, export from Kirkuk was 2,867,637 barrels, raising a revenue of $109 million.

There are five main oil fields in Kirkuk province: Avana, Bay-Hasan, Qubay-Baba, Jumbur and Khabaza, all of which are run by the state-owned North Oil Company.

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