New hospital opened in Kirkuk to treat COVID-19 patients

Kirkuk, 4 November 2020 – new hospital to treat COVID-19 patients – photo: Karwan Salehi

Karwan Salehi - Kirkuk

The Iraqi Minister of Health attended the opening of a 150-bed new hospital for treating COVID-19 patients in Kirkuk City, which was built by funds from a charity organisation belonging to the ‘Imam Hussein Holy Shrine’.

The Minister of Health, said during a press conference: “We have come to Kirkuk to see the health situation in the province. We have opened a hospital specifically for the Coronavirus named ‘Shifa 14’”

The hospital is built on a parcel of 3,500 square metres.

The costs for building the hospital was nearly 500 million Iraqi Dinars (about $420 million). It has emergency, consulting clinic and intensive care wings, according to Hussein Radha Mahdi, head of engineering projects of the ‘Imam Hussein Holy Shrine’.

There has been a spike in coronavirus infection in the Kirkuk province in recent weeks.

The Minister also said that they have decided to renovate two training centres, one for brain surgery and the other for oral, nose and ear diseases.

“There are plans to open 10 more hospitals for treating COVID-19 patients in Nineveh, Ramadi and other provinces in Iraq,” he added.

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