Security forces in Kirkuk put on alert‎

Kirkuk, 21 January 2021 – Temporary checkpoint set after the bombing in ‎Baghdad – photo: Kirkuk Police

KirkukNow - Kirkuk

After the double suicide bombing in Baghdad, security forces in Kirkuk are put on alert. ‎To prevent similar attacks, extra checkpoints are set up and number of patrols increased in the markets.

32 people were killed and 110 were wounded in a double suicide attack in Baghdad on 21 January. ISIS later claimed the attack on the Internet.

Ami Nouri, a spokesman for the Kirkuk Police, told KirkukNow: “Unfortunately ISIS terrorists have spilled the blood of innocent civilians, that’s why all the forces in the city have been put on alert.”

“Large numbers of security forces have been deployed throughout the city.”

Checkpoints were set up in public places and main streets throughout the city on Thursday.

“Those checkpoints in the city will remain for an unknown time,” Nouri said.

Footage of the second suicide attack in Baghdad on 21 January 2021

After Thursday’s attacks in Baghdad, Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kadhimi (who is also the Commander in-Chief of armed forces) sacked several security officials, among them: head of Anti-terror Intelligence of the Interior Ministry, Commander of Baghdad Operations (of the army) and head of the Federal Police.

Nouri said that the intelligence agencies will revisit previous cases and intelligence data to find those wanted by the security forces and the courts.

In a statement, the commander of the Kirkuk Joint Operations, Sa’d al-Harbiya, said that they will intensify intelligence work, pre-emptive operations and security measures at checkpoints.

Security has also been intensified in many other provinces, among them: Nineveh and Salahuddin.

Ali Dodih, the mayor of Shirqat town in Salahuddin, told KirkukNow that immediately after the bomb attacks in Baghdad it was decided to close the bazaars that get crowded on Fridays and to increase patrols by security forces.

The Joint Operations Commands will modify security plans in all provinces.

Major General Tahseen al-Khaffaji, the spokesman for the Joint Operations, told public broadcasting outlet al-Iraqiya that a set of measures has been taken to protect the lives of civilians and preserve security in the cities. “ISIS cannot face the security forces; we are in the era of ending ISIS, and we are adamant in doing so.”

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