Kirkuk teacher, handcuffed to hospital bed of his dead wife, found guilty

Mohammed Jabari, 44, convicted of breaking hospital property, sentenced to jail and fine as well.

By Goran Baban in Kirkuk

The teacher who was handcuffed in a Kirkuk hospital to the bed of his wife whom passed away of Covid-19, was declared guilty for breaking hospital equipment.

Kirkuk misdemanor court has sentenced Mohammed Jabari, 44, on June 6th for six months jail with suspension of the penalty for his clear record, based on a complaint by directorate of health in Kirkuk.

 The verdict issued per item 477 of Iraqi penal code related to damage or causing loss to public property. Kirkuk health is entitled to ask for reimbursement for the medical appliance broken by Jabari.

 The respirator and ventilator is worth USD60,000, Kirkuk health officials said.

"I think the court decision is unjust and it’s a clear unfairness against me," Jabari said.

On July 12, 2020, Jabari has broken equipment at the hospital when his wife was hospitalized for Covid-19 and in critical need for oxygen bottle.

He comes into a fight with hospital staff and kicks the equipment. Hospital police arrest him and "torture him." A day later, he appeared in a video footage tied to the bed of his wife whom passed away.

His wife Mouna ismael, 44, has served in North Gas Company for 20 years. They have two boys, Yousef 13 and Alan 11.  

Footage of Jabari tied to the bed of his wife whom died of Covid-19.

KirkukNow has contacted Kirkuk director of health but not responded.

"Kirkuk health so far has not provided a death certificate for my wife since last year for different excuses though I have asked for it nine times. Despite several promises, all was in vain up to now."

"A death certificate is a basic right per law and impeding it is oppression."

Kirkuk health argument is that Jabari has violated regulations to bury Covid-19 patients and won't issue a death certificate for his wife. Consequently, he is unable to get her pension and other privileges from her employer.

Following the death of his wife, Jabari has filed a lawsuit against a number of Kirkuk hospital physicians and security personnel accusing them of "carelessness and abuse" and the case is pending at court.

"Unfortunately the investigations have not been revealed yet. Up to now, senior officials ask me to compromise my lawsuit but I have not agreed and won't give up my right."

The video of Mohammed has sparked wide protests on social media.

"I will go on with my lawsuits and everybody knows that it was unfair and unjust and I am right."

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