Kaka'is pardon two people humiliated young Kaka'i

Kirkuk, July 29, 2022: The Kakais and the Bayat clan reach an agreement on the issue of abuse of a Kaka’i youth forcibly part of his mustache and hair shaved. KirkukNow

By KirkukNow

The Kaka’is of Kirkuk decided to pardon the two people who filmed and then abused a young Kakai in a reconciliation session in which dozens of tribal chiefs participated.

The decision to pardon came on Friday, July 29, at the session held at the home of Ayman Abdi Kakai, the young man who was abused last Saturday and had part of his mustache and hair shaved off forcibly for insulting the Popu;ar Mobilization Forces, PMF Known as Al-Hashid AL-Shabi, a pro-Iran Shiite paramilitary.

Nazem al-Kaka'i, Abdi's uncle, confirmed in a statement to the media that the problem was resolved through tribal reconciliation and that the two people involved in the incident were pardoned.

According to KirkukNow correspondent, during the session, the Bayat clan expressed its willingness to meet any request of the Kakais, including the offers of women for marriage or the payment of money in exchange for pardon, but the Kakais rejected the proposals and chose to pardon the two people without asking for anything in return.

On Saturday, July 23, Ayman Abdi, 38, a Kaka’i resident of Kirkuk, said he was beaten and threatened by a group of militants of pro-Shiite paramilitary Popular Mobilization Forces PMF known as Hashid Shaabi.

Abdi, a Peshmerga (Kurdish fighter), works as construction laborer with his friends on off days. After that he and a friend went to work in Tuz Khurmatu district of Salahaddin province on July 21st, where they had an argument. His friend reproaches the Kurdish Peshmerga, provoking Abdi to criticize the PMF. His friend videotaped Abdi.

Two days after the conversation, Abdi said, a group of Hashid militants went to his workplace, attacked him and arrested him. They shaved part of his moustache and hair, tortured me, broke his head and nose, knowing that keeping a moustache is a religious commitment for the Kaka'i male.

Video: Head of Kaka'is in Iraq announced pardon for the two people humiliated a Kaka'i

The person who filmed Abdi and the person who shaved his mustache and head belong to the Bayat clan, while in the beginning, the Kaka’is accused a detachment of the PMF of involvement in the abuse incident.

The agreement came after the Islamic Republic of Iran intervened in the case through a leader in the Iranian army in order to solve the problem.

Sardar Agha Kakai, the leader of the Kaka'i tribes in Iraq, said before the agreement that Iran played a role in the agreement.

After the agreement, he said, "I thank the Kaka'i with their youth and dignitaries, the most important thing is that we have regained our dignity. We hope that this will be a good model for all problems in Iraq and Kurdistan (region), all issues to be resolved in a peaceful way."

Kaka'i, Yarsanism or Ahl Alhaq, is a secretive monotheist spiritual religion that has no special places for worship, a religion mostly practiced in Iraq and Iran. Kaka'i followers are about 100,000, mostly found in northern provinces of Sulaymaniyah, Kirkuk, Erbil, Ninewa up to Diyala in the middle of Iraq.

Yarsanism has not been officially recognized in the Iraqi constitution yet it has been in the semi-autonomous Iraqi Kurdistan region. Their villages and towns were a target for extremist militants of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria ISIS whom persecuted them as “idol worshippers.”

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