Kirkuk: Arrest warrant issued against PUK official on terrorism charges
Kirkuk: Arrest warrant issued against PUK official on terrorism charges






Preserving the old film projection technique in Kirkuk‌


The 5th anniversary of the Ezidi genocide
The 5th anniversary of the Ezidi genocide‌


Kirkuk women seek foothold in security establishments Body of 18-year-old Ezidi girl found hanging in her house Re-opening of Kirkuk’s historic Qaysariya bazaar delayed for Human Rights Commission: 60 cases of suicide recorded in Kirkuk Ezidi religious schools shut down due to lack of support


Iraq’s Kakayi minority say government turning its back on them Amid hope and fear Ezidi displaced families choose to return home Ezidi displaced families in Mount Shingal camps face water shortages Turkmen survivors of IS captivity struggle to reintegrate back into Al-Khasfa: Mosul’s notorious death hole


The day al-Baghdadi declared his caliphate
Imam of Mosul’s al-Nuri
How did Najmaddin Karim return to Erbil ?
KirkukNow reveals new
Ninewa’s Shabak and Christians
A struggle for dominance in a small
A day in Palkana
A village caught in the crossfire between two
Only 6 days after his wedding
An Ezidi man found dead in an IDP camp


Smile Land Water Park in Kirkuk These families refuse to give up buffalo herding The Qishla of Kirkuk on the brink of collapse Khanaqin youths launch street library project A Chamchamal village residents rewarded for abandoning FGM

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Ibtihal turned her defeat into victory She lost her legs but never lost her spirit Najla’s dreams in a mini Iraq Rita Bahnam heals the invisible wounds of Ezidi survivors Clara, a Christian woman dedicated herself to care for displaced

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Preserving the art of calligraphy in the face of limitless digital A wheelchair didn’t stop Osama from living his dreams After suffering loss, Gullala Osman starts over Zahra paints disputed Khanaqin with colors of peace and co-existence Fatima wants to promote coexistence and spread love through her
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