A four-year-old profoundly deaf girl gone missing in Khanaqin

Lana Andam gone missing since May 3, 2019

Hawre Azad- Khanaqin

 A profoundly deaf girl has been missing since May 3, 2019 after she left her relatives’ house in a village in Khanaqin northeast of Diyala.

Lana Andam, 4, whose parents are also profoundly deaf, were on a visit from Erbil to their relatives in Khanaqin’s Aliayaway Bajalan village.

Shahab Ahmed, Lana’s uncle told KirkukNow that the girl disappeared around 9 p.m. on Friday May 3.

“We informed the police and the court about the incident; however no investigations have been launched as yet”, he added. 

Khanaqin Lana’s desperately await news about their missing daughter, May 5, 2019   Photo: Hawre Azad


Lana’s father decided to go to the village nearly a month ago, apparently to be among their close relatives as his wife was about to give birth to their new baby.

Aram Khasraw, another relative of the missing girl urged the relevant departments to help find Lana, admitting that Lana’s health condition has complicated the task of finding her.

In the meantime, villagers have been searching for Lana in Alyaway Bajalan and its surrounding area over the past few days.

Khanaqin- Alyaway Bajalan village where Lana Andam went missing, May 5, 2019   Photo: Hawre Azad



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