Sixth coronavirus case confirmed in the Baghdad

Baghdad, activists are distributing fas mask to the protestors at the Tharir Square, February 2020. Photo:Hawre Azad


The Iraqi Ministry of Health confirmed the first coronavirus case in Baghdad, the capital city of Iraq, increasing the confirmed cases in the country to six.

In a statement earlier today, Thursday, February 27, the ministry announced that the first case of coronavirus in Baghdad was confirmed.

The infected person is young and has come back from Iran. He was tested positive according to the statement. The person has been quarantined, and his health is “good.”

On Tuesday, February 25, in Kirkuk, four members of a family, who came back from Iran, were tested positive and have been quarantined since then.

This week, an Iranian student who was in Najaf pro province was infected by the virus, and later, he was sent back to Iran.

The minister of health, who heads the committee to prevent the outbreak of the virus, announced the closure of all educational institutions, cinemas, social clubs, bars, cafes and tea shops from today, February 27 to March 7.

Likewise, Iraqi citizens are barred from traveling to seven countries, which are China, Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Singapore, Italy, Kuwait, and Bahrain.

The statement also prohibits assemblies, but the protests in the south of the country continue.

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