Disabled raped woman moved to Erbil

One of the two persons who sexually assaulted a disabled woman is a policeman


  The disabled woman who was raped in Altun Kupri, Kirkuk, was moved to Erbil to stay at a shelter based on judge's decision.

AbdulMutalib Najmadin, the commissioner of the Altun Kupri subdistrict, told KrikukNow that the woman has been moved to Erbil.

“The woman has been sent to Erbil to be sheltered there so that there will not be threats to her life.”

The commissioner stated that the reason for moving her to Erbil is because there is no women shelter in Kirkuk.

The security forces in Altun Kupri on April 7 arrested two persons, who have confessed that they have raped a disabled woman and have filmed the rape. One of them is a policeman, and there is suspicion that more people had been involved in sexual assault.

The woman is married and has a child. Her husband is also disabled and still lives in Altun Kupri.

Najmdin stated, “the child is taken care of by their woman neighbor until the court decides upon the case.”

KirkukNow learned that several people have collected signatures to dismiss the family from the neighborhood, while people previously provided them with a house to live in.

The sexual assault of the woman drew significant attention in the country. The federal and regional governments have formed numerous committees to investigate the rape.

The suspects of the crimes have been charged with article 393 of the Iraqi Penal Code, which is about sexual intercourse with a female without her consent. The article states that the offender is punisged by a term of imprisonment, not exceeding 15 years.

However, according to the article, the punishment will be harsher if the offender is a public official.

KirkukNow earlier published that One of the perpetrators had been dismissed as a member of the Iraqi Security Forces, but he has later become a policeman per general pardon of the Iraqi government.

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