Iraqi government to buy wheat crops from farmers in the disputed areas

Kirkuk, a farmer is watering his farm, April 2020. Photo: KirkukNow


 The Iraqi Council of Ministries (CoM) would purchase wheat crops from the farmers in the Iraqi disputed areas, parliament member Dilan Ghafur from Kirkuk told KirkukNow.

Ghafur, in a statement published on May 6th, said that, “the CoM has requested the Ministry of Trade (MoT) to purchase wheat crops of the farmers, regardless of their inclusion or exclusion in the agriculture plan. Consequently, the government would purchase all farmers wheat crops whether the legal status of farmers’ agricultural lands is determined or not.”

In the past years, the Iraqi government did not purchase wheat crops from the farmers whose lands were legally disputed and were not part of the government’s agricultural plan. Such legally disputed lands mostly belong to the Kurds and Turkmen of Kirkuk.

Ghafur claimed that they solved the issue of  after many attempts with the government.

“Such step would allow the wheat crops of more than 250 thousand donums to be purchased from the farmers,” Ghafur said.

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